About Our Recent Armenian Concert and A Desire to Help


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The story of our Armenian journey goes back to January, 2008 and an off-chance email sent in the direction of Yerevan. From there, not only was a portal for rare and beautiful music established, but a touching affirmation of human spirit was discovered. Armen Alaverdyan, decades ago, at 22 and on the verge of becoming a concertizing violinist, found himself permanently paralyzed overnight from the waist down following a brief and rare disease. Recovering his spirit with determination, he has since rebounded and is now a leading voice for Armenia’s disabled as executive director of Unison NGO. 

Music remains at the heart of his amazing work through a community of support, uniting his family (seen below with wife Rasmila and son Daniel, now 7), friends and fellow disabled toward the cause of improved conditions and accessibility. Please click on the image below to review the recent blog about our path and discovery.


In support of this and in thanks for Armen’s gracious help in making our recent music program possible, we will be sending a donation and invite you to consider joining us. Any amount, from a few dollars, to the cost of a music CD, or perhaps even the price of one Seattle concert admission, would be warmly received. Dollar amounts aside, it is the gift of the heart through recognition and acknowledgement that is most appreciated. This can be accomplished via the “donate” button on their web site with credit card convenience, paid directly or via PayPal (also linked on Unison’s support site). Or if you would prefer to remain completely internet removed, we would be happy to collect and transfer funds on your behalf. Unison NGO's support system is set up by the Paros Foundation, a U.S. based Armenian philanthropic, fully tax deductible and 501 (c) 3 registered, private foundation. Click the image below to learn more about their goals and how we can help.



Click the image below for a recent blog about the  PAROS Choir for the Disabled video  featuring Davit Karapetyan of the San Francisco Ballet 


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