Rawson Duo with Fred Thompson, Music of Armenia concert on Friday, April 15, 2016

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About Our Armenian Program

before the concert

intermission on the deck

the reception begins

pre-concert table photos by Allan Bruce Zee


Borags from "The Armenian Kitchen" by Kalajian

Green Olive and Walnut Salad from "The Armenian Table" in pita cups

Topig from "The Armenian Table"

Eggplant Salad from Rasmila

Pakhlava from Rasmila (This was eveyone's favorite)

Armenian Apricot Tart (recipe on-line)

Tahini-Chocolate Truffles from "The Armenian Kitchen"

Gata from Rasmila

Kadaif from "The Armenian Kitchen"

Kyufta from Rasmila


The RD Nerve Center and Print Shop
Alan's man-cave studio / refuge at the back of the garage