Hello OYStrs,

Next weekend concert is going to be a great experience. I'm not asking for hours and hours of preparation, but I am asking for some very concentrated and well focused practice time which should take about 15 minutes every day this week. Please read carefully the notes I have sent and USE YOUR METRONOME!!!!
Next Sunday's (11/13) rehearsal is at Chimacum High School Auditorium. Plan to be there at 12:45--the downbeat is at 1:00. Allow time to figure out where to go, get your instrument out and warmed up, and on stage. Your part of the rehearsal should be over by 1:30 (no later than 12:45). Concert call that evening is 6:30, and I expect you to stay for the entire program which will be over by 8:15. Tell all your friends and family to come; it's going to be a great concert!!!
I would really like to see everyone at the masterclass Saturday morning, 9:30 until 11:30 here at the house.
Here are the metronome tempos we are aiming for:
1st movement Allegro quarter = 112  Be sure to look at bar 31 to 33 (the sixteenth rest downbeat in bar 31 will be difficult to control. Make sure you think toward the second beat--and check several times slowly with a metronome) / all violins should practice tutti parts around bar 43 area / first violins practice bar 81 to end
2nd movement Adagio quarter = 52 / simply plan to add one extra beat of sound on fermata notes (like 4/4 measure)--the first beat is full and the second beat (the one we add) diminuendos to the rest. Don't play too loud--try always to blend with the whole group
3rd movement Allegro--this is going to go fast. I've warned the adults to look out for dotted quarter = 136. We probably won't go that fast, but be ready. Keep the strokes lose, light (on the edge of the hair) with very little bow.
Specific places: Bar 4-12 / 20-28 / 54-63 (remember 2nd and 4th violins start a bar later with the pattern than 1st and 3rd) / 88-90 / 99 to end (really study the recording here because the 1st solo plays a long cadenza from bar 90 until your entrance, pick up to beat two of bar 99)
SOME BASIC RULES ABOUT ADVANCED ENSEMBLE PLAYING: always try to make your sound blend with others--always listen for the total sound. In baroque music, quarter notes are shaped (with a taper at the end of the stroke) and NEVER played longer than the note is written!!! The release is just as important as the start of a note.