The Rawson Duo Concert Series, 


2009-10 Season Programs










Season Finale: 


Chateau Ravel


music of Maurice Ravel



Friday, Sunday, and Tuesday


May 28 & 30 and June 1 / 2 pm










Music of Rodrigo, Nin, and Falla

for violin and piano

Friday and Sunday, April 23 & 25 / 2 pm






The Rawson Duo, with Zon Eastes, cello


Piazzolla and Dvořák

Friday, Sunday, and Tuesday (March 26, 28 & 30) 2 pm







February 19 and 21

with Mark Rush from the 

University of Arizona in Tucson














Friday and Sunday, 

(January 22 and 24)

2 pm


Friday and Sunday, 2 pm

(December 18 and 20)

Akvarelle (watercolor) by Morten W. Gjul (b.1973), artist/painter and teacher living and working in Inderøy, in the middle of Norway


Friday, Sunday, and Tuesday, 2 pm

(November 6, 8, and 10)


in the Popular Romanian Style 


Friday and Sunday (October 2 and 4), 2 pm  

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